Summer Baseball

Summer Baseball Overview

NYO’s Summer Baseball program is designed to provide a competitive summer experience in addition to our fantastic spring season.  Towards the end of the regular spring season, each age group (ages 7-14) will go through a nomination process to create summer teams of top players based on their regular season performance.  These teams will compete against youth programs across Georgia, and in some cases across the Southeast, predominantly in weekend tournaments during May, June, and early July.  

NYO spends a great deal of time and effort to maintain an equitable selection process across each age group, ensuring our teams can best represent our park on and off the field.

Summer teams will typically start after the regular season playoffs conclude with tournaments scheduled as early as Memorial Day weekend.  Our goal is to customize each team’s schedule with challenging but realistic competition.  Some teams will play Dizzy Dean tournaments and others will play travel tournament schedules.

Time Commitment

Each team will practice three to four times per week, and will play weekend tournaments for four to six weeks.  NYO summer baseball is expected to be a priority.  Attendance to practice, games, and tournaments is required.  

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