Bronco Baseball Ages 11 and 12


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2015 Regular Season Champion Yankees

2015 Bronco Championship Yankees

Coaches: Jeff Woolverton, Randy Berlin Yankees: Cope Smith, Ian Otten, Davis McKenna, Zach Howard, Riely Cooper, Thomas Markwalter, Shane Nelson Front Row: Alex Tovin, Conner Partin. Carter Kennedy, Colin Goldberg, Ryan Diamond


Welcome to the NYO Bronco league

9 players are in the field. No more than 12 players per team. Typically 3-4 players per team are league age 11, proving an opportunity for those players to have a more challenging experience. We use a 9 player batting order with an EH (extra hitter). Games played on the new NYO Wilkins Bronco Field, a state of the art facility second to none in the metro area. Generally, we only allow our best and most experienced coaches to participate at this level; many of the coaches have played in college and beyond and most of the coaches in this league are volunteers without children in this league. Our most challenging and competitive experience with the "real" game of baseball being taught (lead-offs, balks, steals, hit and run, holding runners on base, big barrel bats etc.). There are 4 events per week with a typical 20 game season plus double-elimination playoffs where all teams qualify.


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