Majors Baseball Ages 10, 11, 12



2015 Regular Season Champion Diamondbacks

2015 Majors Championship Cubs

Ed Goetze, Will Sheppard, Trey Cotney, Derek Russo, Patrick Sullivan (absent). Team: Parker Logue, Quinton Cables, Ethan Curnow, Jack Cayce, Will Cederberg, Davis Carter, Stevie Goetze, Marshall Benton, Sam Landers, Zack Jackson, Jack Marchbanks, Eli Hoppenfeld (absent).


Welcome to the NYO Majors

9 players are in the field. No more than 12 players per team. Typically 2-3 players per team are league age 10, proving an opportunity for those players a little more advanced to have a more challenging experience. This is the first age where we split up an age group. We use a continuous batting order. Games are played on Wilkins Field, NYO Field of Dreams and St. John UMC field. All fields have grass infields and permanent bleachers and dugouts. Lead-offs and stealing are introduced as players begin to play the "real" game. There are 4-5 events per week with a 15-16 game season plus double-elimination playoffs where all teams qualify.


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