Shetland Red Baseball Age 6



2014 Regular Season and Tourn. Champion As


Patrick Shippey, Greg Binney, Jay Marchbanks & Geoff Gober
Athletics: Matthew Binney (seated), Nathan Newsome, John Hutchinson, Tison Shippey, Jack Gober & Kaleb Bilal Front row: Mitchell Moseley, Keval Sheth, Witt Grebe, Aidan Ziolo, Will Marchbanks, Owen Rice & Harrison Fiftal


Welcome to NYO Shetland RED

Two Shetland leagues split with each league ranging from 16 to 20 teams each composed of 5 and 5-6 year-olds. The all Shetland players hit off of a coach – after three pitches (if unsuccessful), players then have the opportunity to hit off a tee. 11 players are in the field including 5 outfielders. No more than 14 players per team. We use a continuous batting order so all players bat. All games are held on the cozy Small Ball Field and the adjacent newer field.
Emphasis is on player development, teaching of basic skills and encouragement of the love of the game. In order to encourage player development and teach players how to both win and lose gracefully, we keep score and have standings with a condensed playoff at the end of the season. Teams are organized primarily amongst neighborhoods so as to encourage community involvement. There are 3 events per week and a 12-13 game season.


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