With girls basketball registration right around the corner, starting on May 1,2017, this is the first of a series of articles on girls who played in our basketball program and have gone on to success with their high school team. Stay tuned for more. Ann Rafeedie holds many distinctions and honors from her five years in the NYO girls’ basketball program, but one of them can never change; she was the first person ever registered into the program, being assigned number 8001, on May 1, 2010. Credit also goes to her parents, Mac and Jane, for recognizing a great match; a terrific athlete with an aggressive nature, and a top-tier girls basketball program. Ann just finished a great sophomore season at Pace Academy, playing point guard and wing; it was her second year on the varsity team. That team finished 13-12, and was the Region 5 runner-up, gaining a berth in the AAA state girls basketball tournament (where Pace lost, falling in the first round of state to North Hall). Ann remembers three things about her NYO basketball playing days at NYO. First, she has made a group of life-long friends with whom she played basketball at NYO, in the girls’ program. Those friends are outside of her school. Second, she learned the rules of the game and the right way to play the game, from her coaches and the referees. To this day, Ann credits Zito McClarty (yes, that famous Zito) for his guidance, who, as a referee, taught her how to shoot a left-hand lay-up. Third, she gained a love of the game and a desire for competition, through playing basketball at NYO, in our girls league. Ann hopes to continue her basketball career by playing in college, but she also looks forward to two more successful years of high school basketball at Pace, for which she was made ready by the NYO girls basketball program. She also hopes to one day come back and be a coach at NYO. We would welcome her back in that role, with open arms.

What's New in NYO Girls' Basketball?!

As we approach our eighth season of girls basketball, NYO continues to strive to make the fall girls' basketball program a place that has the individual development of each player at the forefront of its focus.  Here are a few more new and exciting changes for the upcoming season! 
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NYO Girls' Hoopers Participate in Atlanta Hawks MLK Event

Over Martin Luther King Weekend, several NYO girls’ basketball players accepted an opportunity to play in an MLK hoops tournament sponsored by the Atlanta Hawks.  This opportunity all started when Senior Director of Basketball Programs for the Atlanta Hawks, Jon Babul made a call to NYO Executive Director, Tony Watkins on Wednesday, January 11.

“Jon called us in a bind," said Watkins.  "The tournament just had a team drop out, and he wanted to know if NYO could quickly put a team together to play in the event.” (Click Title to Read More)

NYO Girls' Basketball - Oh What a Season it Was!

The seventh year of NYO girls basketball wrapped up in late October as it had started in early August; with thrills; fabulous play; and a satisfied group of girls who had advanced their basketball playing skills while competing with the best of their peers.  Our 7th year brought a record number of sign-ups...Led by new commissioner Mara Perkins, the girls basketball program ventured in many new and exciting areas... CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE

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