2012 - Joe Hudson Award Recipient - David Sheperd














David Shepherd of the Packers is the winner of the 2012 Joe Hudson Award which is a great honor for a fine young man. Anyone who has watched David Shepherd play football can recognize the talent he displays during games. During the award ceremony David Shepherd's coaches' from the Packers spoke to the crowd gathered for the Peach Bowl more about his excellent character.

Coach Bryan Craig, pictured on the right, spoke about how David was consistently positive and lead by example with his teammates. Coach Bill Ward, on the left, noted that prior to the season David's prior coaches had labelled him as "the best kid they had ever had".

The Packers found him to be the same.  The Joe Hudson Award places a premium on a player's character more than his ability. This season the winner had a equal portion of great ability and high character.

Few have contributed to NYO’s football and baseball programs longer than Joe Hudson. His NYO coaching career began in 1972. He is truly a great coach in all respects. The teams he has coached have won countless championships. More importantly, he has contributed positively on and off the field to the lives of the young men lucky enough to play for him. His assistant coaches are his former players. He periodically coaches the sons of other former players. It is impossible to thank Coach Joe enough for what he has done for NYO and for so many young men. As a means of honoring Coach Joe for his many years of service within NYO, The Joe Hudson Award is given each year to a special player in the Bigs that: works hard, provides leadership on his team and demonstrates great character. Basically, the winner of this award is a coach’s dream.