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Instant Classic - AAA Deacons Outlast the Jackets and Win in Double OT
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Instant Classic - AAA Deacons Outlast the Jackets and Win in Double OT

The Deacons emerged triumphant in a game for the ages last Wednesday night at NYO. It was a defensive showdown from the beginning, with the regular season champion Jackets taking a four point lead into half thanks to stellar defensive play from Michael O'Connor and Will deButts.
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As star point guards Drew Tovin and Max Sard battled back and forth, the Jackets entered the final quarter up six points, yet the Deacons came back to take a late three point lead after a huge fourth quarter from Wesley Bass. As the clock wound down, Jackets' standout Daniel Sams sunk a three point shot to force overtime! The Jackets continued their momentum in overtime and held a two point lead with under five seconds to play. That is when Deacons' star Lawton Sodemann tenaciously grabbed a rebound and made a clutch shot to force a second overtime! The crowd had worked into a frenzy as chants of "Let's Go Deacons!" and "C'mon Jackets!" erupted from the stands. As coaches Brian Tovin, Lee Caswell, and Tommy Caswell watched nervously from the sidelines, stars Jack Landers and William Sams scored two baskets each in the second overtime. And when the clock ticked down under ten seconds, the Deacons had the ball with Jack Landers dribbling up the sideline. That is when Landers made an incredible pass to a perfectly positioned Whit McGrotty, who sunk the game winning shot in double overtime! Commissioner Joe Chapman was quoted after the game, "In all my 15 years at NYO, this was one of the best games I have ever seen!" The Deacons won the AAA Championship by a score of 38-36 in a game that is sure to be remembered by all.  Congratulations to the Deacons and the Jackets!