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Majors Deacons over the Jackets in an Overtime Thriller!
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Majors Deacons over the Jackets in an Overtime Thriller!

The Deacons complete their season with yet another comeback win against the tough fought Yellow Jackets. The Jackets, led by Jayden Stimpson and Miles Moss, jumped out to an early first quarter lead, but the Deacons managed to battle back with tough defense by Christopher Fielden to gain a lead at halftime.
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The Yellow Jackets’ full court pressure in the third quarter was too much for the Deacons and allowed the Jackets to tie the game up going into the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter went back and forth as both teams were relentless and determined to win. It looked like the Deacons were going to run away with it early in the fourth as they gained a big lead, but the Jackets came roaring back to eventually tied it up on a great play call that set up a clutch NBA three by Moss with 2.8 seconds left to force overtime. After the clutch three by Moss, the Jackets had all of the momentum and scored the first OT bucket. The next possession, Everett Hughen of the Deacons made a nice move on a defender and dished it out to Sellars Holder as he converted on his fourth three of the game. After Holder's three, the Deacons never looked back. Archer Snell's additional six overtime points added to his twenty-four total points and helped the Deacons secure the victory. The Deacons went on to win 53-45 in a thrilling overtime game.