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Tarheels over the Volunteers in the X-League Championship
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Tarheels over the Volunteers in the X-League Championship

The X-League Tar Heels capped an impressive season by ruining away from the Vols 64-49 in the X League Championship at NYO last Thursday night.  The Tar Heels total team effort was led by Ford Stratton’s 19 points and stellar defense as they broke open a close game at the half and outscored the Vols 19-7 in the 3rd quarter to take control of the game. 
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David Grice was also sensational as he poured in 14 points and the Mallady brothers, Charlie and Jack were a force on the boards adding a combined 18 points and 15 rebounds. Walker Wolf added 4 points, Sunshine Sam Howe chipped in 6 and Carter Tocci and Mac Perno were a force on defense and were able to break the Vols vaunted press. The Tar Heels finished as regular season (10-2) and Tournament champions and were led by NYO coaching legends Mike Brown and Steve Sodel along with their trusty assistants and NYO alums Matthew Larkin and Harrison Lewis. 
The Vols played a great game after winning seven straight games to make it to the championship.  They were led by big man Robert Bernot’s 13 points and 12 rebounds. Russell Makepeace added 10 points and Tyler Rowe 8 for the Vols. Congrats to coach Brad Swinsburg for a great season and for winning the 2017 PCA Coach of the year.