Tsunami forces 'IF' game and wins it all!
Seniors Fastpitch Finals saw the Evert Cup raised by the underdogs.
4A State Alumni Champs!
Congratulations Bill, Jack, Patrick, Cassius, Patrick, Will and Gus!
Girls Basketball Registration May 1st!
We're headed for the best season yet! New Players Register May 15th.
Kyle Burnat Award - Christopher Fielden
Congratulations to all the Fielden family!
Returning players began registration at 8am on 24th. New Players begin sign-up on May 8th.
From games to practice
Our fields will be packed with summer teams after championships
Yankees take 2017 Bronco Championship!
4 year win streak continues - It's good to be a Yankee!
Thursday, April 20th at the NYO Gym (5:30 pm - 8:00 pm): 1st Annual NYO Spring Cheer Bash - BRING IT ON!
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Thursday, April 20th at the NYO Gym (5:30 pm - 8:00 pm): 1st Annual NYO Spring Cheer Bash - BRING IT ON!

Calling all cheerleaders, old and new, K - 5th Grade,

Do you like music, dance, stunt, cheer, spirit???  Want to meet Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders, learn chants from impressive top local school squads and join a sought after well-rounded cheer program guided by University of Kentucky cheerleaders boasing National Championship accolades?  YES!!! (Click Headline to Read More)

Let's ROCK THIS HOUSE to kick off the 2017 NYO cheer season and show all of our new friends that there are fantastic things ahead - spirit, skills, smiles...don't forget our new tradidion...charm bracelets!  It doesn't hurt to start with an S, but all cheerleaders in attendance on April 20 will earn a special charm representing their participation.  Everyone around town will be impressed when they spot your personalized symbol of NYO Cheer.

All returning cheer athletes can add this charm to the bracelet they received last fall at the annual cheer-off.  All first year ladies will receive their bracelet after officially registering at a brief but special presentation on the last night of our clinics in August.

Ready for your first cheer challenge???  PLEASE BRING TWO FRIENDS (or more) with you to our April 20th Cheer Celebration...

JOIN us in 2017 - Cheer NYO is eager with energy and ready to roll as we will challenge our smart, athletic personas while preparing for all of the cheer activities ahead...As our program grows and changes to reflect the future path of cheerleading, we will continue with what has proven successful, create exciting new challenges, and alter what needs a new outlook.  

Let's kick this April celbration off with PRIDE...strive to progress personal cheer skills while enthusiastically supporting our football teams!  NYO Cheer 2017 will be full of pep-rallies, painting signs, pizza parties, and positive energy...get fired-up, grab your friends, and join us in April ready to go - there are spirit sticks to be won!!!

Please visit the NYO Cheer page often for more information; schedules, skill tip, notable activities of the week, spirit signs, alumni updates, and all things NYO Cheer!