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Dugout Doings: A man for all seasons

Forty-six-hundred baseball, softball, football and basketball players belong to 375 NYO

teams. There are 12 cheerleading squads. Over the course of a year, 2,434 games are

played and 7,848 practices are held on 21 fields, 15 of which get used for games.

Theyʼre at nine sites and five gyms.

How do we know? Itʼs because Larry Bennett says itʼs so.

Once --- not all that long ago --- the NYO facilities were, in the words of Baseball

Commissioner Cliff Barshay, “a mess.” Then Larry swung into action. “He was the

brains and the engine behind the overall rehab of the fields 10 years ago when we were


Unless you were the player who took a bad-hop ball to the nose off a bumpy infield, itʼs

easy to forget what things were like. A downpour that today may delay the start of a

game once washed out entire games and practices. Players are safer and fields are

better, vastly better, because of Larry.

So quiet and unassuming

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