Refund Policy for Registration Fees Paid for a Sports Program

Sports Program:
Registration fees to participate in a NYO sports programs (Spring Baseball (all ages), Spring Softball, Football, Cheerleading, Fall Softball, Fall Baseball and Basketball - girls and boys leagues) are payable to complete registration.

New Players to NYO and/or acceptance into a Sports Program:
Once a player has been accepted into a Sports Program (new or returning), cancellation fees apply as applicable below. NYO endeavors to accept all players into our programs. However, due to the demands on the NYO sports programs, we may create a wait list.

Full Refunds:
If a child is wait listed for a sport and space does not become available, NYO will refund the full cost of the registration fee. This will be done automatically and promptly. We try to add teams and adjust our schedules to accommodate all players. This works for most sports. Boys basketball and football are the sports that we have space constraints.
Cancellation Fee and Time Limits: Registration Fees for all sports programs (other than football) are refundable subject to a $100 cancellation fee at any time 60 days prior to the earlier of (i) tryouts (if applicable for that sport) or (ii) the start of the first event of the season (for sports without tryouts, the first scheduled practice or clinic for that sport).
Football Cancellation Fee and Time Limits: NYO will let parents know on or about June 15th if their child has been accepted into the football program.
1. Once a player has been accepted in to the football program, which for the most part will occur by June 15th, NO refunds will be given.
2. Players wait-listed, but not accepted, will receive a full refund, if we can not place them in the football program.
3. Cancellations prior to June 15 are subject to a $100 fee.

Non Refundable Cancellation Fee and Time Limits:
If canceled less than 60 days prior to tryouts or the start of the first event of the season (whichever occurs first), the Registration Fee becomes non-refundable, and has no exchange value.

How to Obtain Refunds:
Refunds are processed at the NYO office. Any request for a refund must be sent in writing, by E Mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or regular mail, to the NYO office. 
Refunds: Refunds, less any applicable refund fees, will be promptly made by check to the address we have for you as established in our database.  
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