Kit Kat Fastpitch Softball Ages 5 to 6

LEAGUE OVERVIEW The NYO Kit Kat league is open to girls who are 5 or 6 as of December 31. The emphasis in this league is on teaching our young players the fundamentals of catching, throwing, hitting and baserunning. Toward that end, the Kit Kat league does not keep score or maintain standings. The games are used as teaching opportunities. Coaches pitch to all batters and each team bats their entire lineup each inning. The games consist of 3 innings. All players play in the field.

Some of the specifics regarding the Kit Kat league:

• Team Assignments: there are NO TRYOUTS for the Kit Kat league. Teams are organized primarily among neighborhoods and schools. Expect to hear from your coach by mid-February.

• Season: the Kit Kat teams will practice twice a week (once on the weekend and no more than once on a weeknight) from mid-February until games begin in March. The Kit Kat teams all participate in the NYO Opening Day parade. Once regular season games begin in March, Kit Kat teams play one weeknight game (normally on Thursday evening), play one weekend game (on Sunday afternoon) and have one weekend practice. The regular season games end by mid-May, and there are no playoffs for the Kit Kat league. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach or as a team parent, please indicate when registering or feel free to email NYO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Kit Kat league is a wonderful way to introduce your daughter to softball. We look forward to seeing you at NYO!