Tsunami forces 'IF' game and wins it all!
Seniors Fastpitch Finals saw the Evert Cup raised by the underdogs.
4A State Alumni Champs!
Congratulations Bill, Jack, Patrick, Cassius, Patrick, Will and Gus!
Girls Basketball Registration May 1st!
We're headed for the best season yet! New Players Register May 15th.
Kyle Burnat Award - Christopher Fielden
Congratulations to all the Fielden family!
Returning players began registration at 8am on 24th. New Players begin sign-up on May 8th.
From games to practice
Our fields will be packed with summer teams after championships
Yankees take 2017 Bronco Championship!
4 year win streak continues - It's good to be a Yankee!

NYO Sports

NYO Football Leagues to be based on Grade stars

Players will be divided between leagues based on the school grade they will be attending during the fall of 2017.  Complimenting the grade based division of players will be a maximum age for each league as follows: (CLICK TITLE FOR MORE DETAIL).


With girls basketball registration right around the corner, starting on May 1,2017, this is the first of a series of articles on girls who played in our basketball program and have gone on to success with their high school team. Stay tuned for more. Ann Rafeedie holds many distinctions and honors from her five years in the NYO girls’ basketball program, but one of them can never change; she was the first person ever registered into the program, being assigned number 8001, on May 1, 2010. Credit also goes to her parents, Mac and Jane, for recognizing a great match; a terrific athlete with an aggressive nature, and a top-tier girls basketball program. Ann just finished a great sophomore season at Pace Academy, playing point guard and wing; it was her second year on the varsity team. That team finished 13-12, and was the Region 5 runner-up, gaining a berth in the AAA state girls basketball tournament (where Pace lost, falling in the first round of state to North Hall). Ann remembers three things about her NYO basketball playing days at NYO. First, she has made a group of life-long friends with whom she played basketball at NYO, in the girls’ program. Those friends are outside of her school. Second, she learned the rules of the game and the right way to play the game, from her coaches and the referees. To this day, Ann credits Zito McClarty (yes, that famous Zito) for his guidance, who, as a referee, taught her how to shoot a left-hand lay-up. Third, she gained a love of the game and a desire for competition, through playing basketball at NYO, in our girls league. Ann hopes to continue her basketball career by playing in college, but she also looks forward to two more successful years of high school basketball at Pace, for which she was made ready by the NYO girls basketball program. She also hopes to one day come back and be a coach at NYO. We would welcome her back in that role, with open arms.

What's New in NYO Girls' Basketball?!

As we approach our eighth season of girls basketball, NYO continues to strive to make the fall girls' basketball program a place that has the individual development of each player at the forefront of its focus.  Here are a few more new and exciting changes for the upcoming season! 
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Watch Games on Wilkins Field Live Through HiCast Sports

NYO is excited to announce that we're part of the HiCast Sports Network. We're putting the game in your hands so you can watch gameplay on Wilkins Field live or on-demand (since the Opening Day on March 18) and share the Moments that Matter™ with the people who matter most. Anytime. Anywhere. On any device. 
We’ve got a free pass waiting for you here:
We will be soliciting feedback from parents of Bronco and Majors players after the season ends.

Coach Tony's Corner - "Message to Parents - Encourage Your Children to Play Multiple Sports, Especially at a Young Age"

One of the hottest issues in youth sports today is if and when a child should specialize in a specific sport.  Often when I visit one of the area schools to speak with coaches and athletic directors, the conversation tends to gravitate to this very topic.  Sure, there are still plenty of high school athletes who play multiple sports, but the percentage of student athletes who play two or three sports at the middle school, JV and varsity level has decreased since a generation ago.  In 2016 at Northside Youth Organization, we had over 4,400 registrants and 2,300 families in our youth athletic program in the sports of girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, baseball, cheer, football, and fast-pitch softball.  Most of our kids, especially the young ones, participate in at least two sports, and many will even play three sports in our program.  When I speak to parents at the park, most of them have one goal for their child: the opportunity to play a sport at the varsity level at one of our area schools.  However, some parents inform me that they and their son/daughter have a goal to earn an athletic scholarship. 
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Dugout Doings: 'The day the park wakes up'

Debbie Bennett stands beneath an arch of red, white and blue balloons at the Garr Field and greets each little one being dropped off by an anxious parent. 'We have runners right here to take (your child) in,' Debbie reassures each new arrival. The sign at the entrance to the Garr outfield reads: 'Players, Coaches and Team Moms Only on the Field.' It's NYO Opening Day, the big parade and, for many, a rite of passage. 'Hi, I'm Shannon, what's your name?' says one adult volunteer sporting an 'Ask Me! NYO Opening Day' volunteer badge. The little girl in her tiny baseball uniform takes Shannon's hand and they march to the field. Brayden Bassett, 11, of the Major league Rangers, greets Walker Hanlon, 7, and his brother, Graham, 5. They play for the Red Sox in the Rookie and Shetland Blue leagues, respectively.

The sky is a leaden gray and the thermometer hangs in the mid-50s. A drop or two is felt, but one adult boasts, 'It doesn't rain on Opening Day. It's not allowed.' It rained earlier and the grass is wet. Dozens of Moms working as volunteers seem to have gotten the same memo. They're all wearing rain boots. But the children, especially the boys, race around the Garr outfield. It sounds like a school yard at recess. 'This is the day the park wakes up,' says long-time NYO coach and volunteer Billy Small, who arranges the music playing over the loudspeaker system. (To read more, please click on the headline)

Dugout Doings: A lesson in never giving up

It's become a part of the Opening Day ritual. High school baseball and fastpitch softball seniors return to NYO, the place where they learned to play. School games get in the way, so not everyone can make it. This year, 32 baseball and six fastpitch players were recognized. But one was extra special: Andee Poulos.

'This is one of the proudest moments I've ever had,' said Brian Raley, fastpitch softball commissioner, as he called out Andee's name. Brian was Andee's first coach at NYO when she was 8-years-old. '(Hers) is a great lesson of what happens when you don't give up.' Andee, who will graduate from Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in June then will go on to one of the many universities that have already accepted for this fall, stood and listened. Six years ago, we feared and prayed for Andee's life. (To read more, please click on the headline)

Dugout Doings: From Amarillo, Texas, to NYO

It's 1,106 miles from Amarillo, Texas, to Atlanta --- a 16-hour drive --- but that didn't keep Ray Link, 77, from seeing his 5-year-old great-grandson, Knox Koppelman, play at NYO. In town for a visit, Ray wasn't going to miss watching Knox for the first time.  Knox, who plays for the Shetland Blue Braves, is one of 26 great-grandchildren Ray Link said he has.

And what did Mr. Link think of his first visit to NYO? 'I've never been to anything like this. It's got more fields, it's got everything.' And granddaughter RheAnne Koppelman, Knox's mom, said Ray's visit and the Opening Day ceremony and game would be a 'memory (that will last) forever.'
(Jay Smith, who writes Dugout Doings, thanks Tom McClure for this story and the photo that accompanies it)