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UPDATE: NYO Fastpitch Softball Player Evaluations stars

The NYO Fastpitch Softball Player Evaluations for Senior, Major and Minor Leagues will take place Saturday, January 28, at NYO.  To determine your daughter's evaluation time, you can click on the article title above, then click on the attachment for your daughter's league.  Players with evaluation numbers 14xxx and up are Senior League players; numbers 11xxx-13xxx are Major League players; and numbers 9xxx-10xxx are Minor League players.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MAJOR LEAGUE EVALUATION START TIMES HAVE BEEN MOVED BACK TO 10:00AM (FROM 9:00AM), due to the cold weather.  All Majors players should check the attached sheet to confirm their evaluation times. 

For Rookie players, numbers 7xxx-8xxx, the evaluations will take place on Sunday, January 29.  The Rookie evaluation times are also attached to this article. 

Finally, for those who have registered recently, we have attached a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding player evaluations.  If, after reviewing the list, you still have questions, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We can't wait to get started this weekend with the 2017 season!

Baseball Clinics Rescheduled

The weather played havoc with our pre season clinics over the weekend but we wanted to let you know that we will be rescheduling them this week and next.  
7- 9 yr old clinic will be this Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 PM at NYO.  
10-14 yr old clinic will be this Thursday from 5:00-7:00 PM at NYO.
5 & 6 yr old clinic will be next Monday 30th from 5:00-6:30 PM at NYO.
Please check in at the pavilion next to the concession stand.
If you are unable to attend the make up date and you already purchased a ticket please email Coach Woolverton @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a full refund.  No need to respond if you are planning to attend.
For those that would now like to attend that haven’t already purchased a ticket you can also email Coach Woolverton directly to let him know that you will be coming. 

NYO Baseball - player evaluations, pre-season info

January 18 -We are just a few weekends away from our big weekend for player evaluations. Attached to this article is a memo with info on all kinds of pre-season issues. Also attached is e detailed player evaluation and tryout schedule for January 28-29 for age groups 6-12 (there are no tryouts for 5u Shetland Blue or 4u Small Ball). Be sure to check the schedule for info on how to view the schedule. The Pony schedule will be sent direct to Pony parents this coming week and will be posted here shortly.  If you will either be out of town or absolutely cannot come during your assigned time, see the memo for details on what to do. But please do everything you can do be there during your assigned time so we can keep things orderly that weekend as we have over 1,500 kids playing with us this spring.  We're also attaching a separate document with our list of the Top 10 questions we get about tryouts - hope we answer most of your questions. Plenty of info there on finding your tryout number, figuring out when and where to go, what to bring, what happens if you have a direct conflict, etc, so please refer to this before sending in any emails.  Finally, we are re-attaching the 2017 calendar.  We will also be uploading all of these items to the main baseball page on the NYO website and will update there should there be any changes.  Tryouts will go on unless we have extreme weather conditions and we'll be sending out updates as we get closer to that weekend.
See you in a few weeks! Thanks, NYO Baseball

Dugout Doings: Fastpitch fervor stars

It was baseball instruction at its best. Dozens of coaches rose from their grandstand seats at the Austin Armstrong Field of Dreams on a warm January Saturday afternoon and took imaginary swings with imaginary bats. But they weren't swinging at pretend baseballs. They aimed, instead, at an invisible rising yellow fastpitch softball. On the field below, surrounded by some of NYO's finest young fastpitch players, John Tschida held court.  Read More - Click image or headline

Dugout Doings: Fastpitch fervor

It was baseball instruction at its best. Dozens of coaches rose from their grandstand seats at the Austin Armstrong Field of Dreams on a warm January Saturday afternoon and took imaginary swings with imaginary bats. But they weren't swinging at pretend baseballs. They aimed, instead, at an invisible rising yellow fastpitch softball. On the field below, surrounded by some of NYO's finest young fastpitch players, John Tschida held court. Tschida, head coach of the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) softball team, is a legend in fastpitch circles. On Saturday, Tschida and Austin Wasserman, equally renowned as a throwing instructor, conducted a clinic for 60-or-so members of the Georgia Fastpitch Coaches Association.  NYO hosted.
The three-hour clinic stood as testimony to the seriousness with which NYO takes this game, played by 500 young women on our Chastain fields in 2016. NYO Fastpitch Commissioner Brian Raley and veteran coach Danny Gershwin are among the game's apostles. To land Tschida for this clinic was a big deal, according to Danny Gershwin. 'He's regarded as one of the brightest minds in fastpitch.' Tschida and Wasserman also scheduled clinics for the softball teams at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University over the weekend. 
Tschida, who has coached more than 1,000 college softball games, winning over 80%, is the first softball coach to win NCAA championships at two different schools. Named NCAA Division III Coach of the Year twice, he occupies a spot in the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame. It's no wonder the coaches in the stands and the young ladies on the field hang on his every word.
Like every good hitting instructor, Tschida taught the importance of balance, loading the back leg for power and driving the trunk of the body through the swing. He used frisbees, batting tees and plastic softballs as props. His instruction was as relevant for baseball as it was for softball. But if you listened carefully, you learned things that make coaching young women special.
'If you've got a group of girls who aren't hustling, tell them 'good hustle,''he said. 'And they'll start running. Compliments work.'
In fact, the longer Tschida spoke, the more obvious it became that his lessons applied to baseball as well as softball. How does a coach deal with a player fearful of being hit by a pitch? 'That's called intelligence,' Tschida replies. 'I can teach a way for a hitter to load (torque and turn the body and to minimize being hit), but it's natural to be afraid. We need to teach (hitters) how to be confident and courageous.'
Nearby, Wasserman taught coaches how to improve throwing skills. NYO's Coach Gershwin put it in simple terms for the benefit of an old baseball coach.  'Imagine trying to throw a basketball,' Danny says. 'You'd pass it, rather than throw it.' Given the difference in size between a softball and a baseball, that's the same initial instinct many young women have when they throw a softball for the first time.
NYO has developed a first-rate fastpitch program. The young ladies on the Field of Dreams moved with the grace and confidence of their NYO baseball counterparts. Danny Gershwin, like Brian Raley, is fond of talking about girls they once coached who have returned to NYO as coaches. Danny, who is beginning his 24th year as a volunteer NYO coach, also runs the middle school fastpitch team at Pace Academy. He works full-time as a court reporter, but estimates (conservatively, one imagines) that he devotes 20 hours a week to his girls and the game. More than 50 have gone on to play collegiate softball.
(Jay Smith, who writes Dugout Doings, delights in seeing young women get the same quality instruction boys have long received. He wonders and wishes why someone didn't teach him to dance when he was a kid.) 

Baseball Clinics January 21st and 22nd

It's hard to believe, but baseball evaluations are right around the corner, scheduled on the weekend of January 29-29 (for players age 6 and up).  We will be sending out and posting information on that an other start up topics soon.  Let's hope we got the cold weather out of the way.

We are pleased to announce the details on our pre-season kickoff clinics led by Coach Jeff Woolverton.  The clinics are for players 5-14 and will be held on Saturday/Sunday January 21-22 (5 and 6 year olds on Sundayand everyone else on Saturday.  Your child's age is his/her NYO age (your child's age as of 4/30/17).  This is a great way to get the season started and shake off some rust.  The clinics will sell out, so be sure to sign up online as soon as you can.  Sign ups are specific times are online at the web address links below and the cost is $50 per player ($43 for ages 5 and 6).  Please note that participation in these clinics is totally optional and will not effect your registration status in the league.

Direct links for the registration:

6th Grade Red Devils Have Great Showing In Conyers

FIRST ROW L-R kneeling- #7 Davis Rice, #55 Davis Dendy, #3 Sam Levitt, #6 Jonathan French, #22 William Wright, #8 Jamie O’Kelley, #1 Alex Wickliffe; 2nd ROW- #32 Bobby Yarbrough, #26 Henry Izlar, #21 Michael McCormack, #12 Colin Hare, #13 Hunter Davis, #14 Hayden Shoup: 3rd ROW- #88 Kyle Walters, #82 Reid Pemberton, #52 Carson Stout, #11 Chase Dansby, #9 Hayden Bernard, #15 Joey Holliday, #80 Henry Douglass, #45 Mason Ramos, #34 Gage Dwyer; BACK ROW- Asst. Coach Jamie Dwyer, Co-Head Coach Chris Payne, Co-Head Coach Chris Southerland, Asst. Coach Vonnie Holliday, General Manager Bill Wright (Photo by Shelia Hare)

This past Thanksgiving, the 6th Grade NYO Red Devils Post Season Team participated in the Thanksgiving Holiday Tournament hosted at Earl Oneal Park in Conyers, GA. The team competed at a high level, representing the best of NYO versus true travel teams that have been playing together for months (some for 3 years.) The Boys had a great week together and advanced to the 6th Grade Championship vs the East Metro Steelers from Covington, Ga. Pictured is the 2016 6th Gr NYO Red Devils team. 

Fastpitch Softball 2017 Info

The 2017 spring softball season will be here before we know it!  At NYO Fastpitch Softball, we offer outstanding competition and positive coaching in a wonderful environment, along with the best facilities you will find anywhere!  Player evaluations for the 2017 season begin on Saturday, January 28, in the Senior (numbers 14xxx-17xxx), Major (numbers 11xxx-13xxx) and Minor (numbers 9xxx-10xxx) leagues.  Rookie league (numbers 7xxx-8xxx) evaluations are set for Sunday, January 29.  There are no evaluations in the 5-6 year-old Kit Kat League.  Evaluation times will be posted and emailed to all parents in mid-January.  For specific information regarding the practice/game schedule for your daughter's league, please hover over "Fastpitch" on the main menu, then select the league that corresponds with your daughter's age AS OF 12/31/16.  There you will find a detailed description of the typical weekly schedule and the goals for your daughter's particular age group.   

Registration for the 2017 season is currently open.  Just go to, click on Registration, then follow the prompts to sign up for Softball.  We look forward to a great 2017 season at NYO!