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Sunday, 03 May 2015 14:24

Henry Anderson, who was a 3 sport star at NYO (he played a mean shortstop in his days here), was the 3rd round selection of the Indianapolis Colts in the just completed NFL draft, and he was the 93rd pick, overall.  Henry played his high school football at Woodward Academy, and then he was a star defensive end for the Stanford Cardinal.  The NYO community wishes Henry the best of luck as he pursues his NFL career, and may he sign his first free agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015 11:30

Registration for NYO Football – 2015 Season

Registration for Returning Players – April 27 thru May 8, 2015 beginning at 8:00 AM.

NYO expects more players to register than can be accommodated. Parents are encouraged to register promptly. "Returning Players" are those that played football at NYO during the 2014 season. The registration fee is $350.00.

Registration for Players new to NYO Football –May 11 thru May 22, 2015 beginning at 8:00 AM. Registration for new players, meaning those that did not participate in the NYO Football program in 2014 and any returning players that missed the earlier registration must be completed during these dates. Registration is done online through The registration fee is $350. ALL new players are automatically placed on a Wait List. NYO expects more players to register than can be accommodated; registration & receipt of a tryout # through the on-line system do NOT mean that a player has been accepted in to the program. Acceptance notices will be e-mailed on the following month. Parents are encouraged to register May 11th.

Further dates concerning the 2015 NYO football Season:

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 12:05

 Each year revisions are made to improve NYO’s Football program. The most significant changes that will be implemented in 2015 are summarized below.

  1. 1).  Training Camp – Immediately prior to tryouts a new feature of NYO Football will be introduced called Training Camp beginning on August 4, 2015 which will involve several days of instruction and light conditioning. Player safety is the primary objective of Training Camp which will be lead by former NFL player Buddy Curry who is a Heads Up master trainer. Objectives for Training Camp will include: teaching Heads Up drills to NYO coaches, providing players with appropriate Heads Up instruction, heat acclimation and light conditioning before contact drills in Tryouts. A secondary benefit of Training Camp will be that it will provide coaches with more time to evaluate players prior to the draft. The new player orientation will be eliminated.

(For more changes and info, please click on the headline)  

Monday, 09 February 2015 00:00

Marist Seniors, Ian Gipson and Sage Hardin have played in 128 football games together, beginning in 2004. They have been teammates since Ian’s father, Jay Gipson, drafted Sage for the NYO Pee Wee Hornets. Both boys, seven, had never played football before. When Gipson drafted Sage, another coach jumped up and said “You’ve got to trade him to me, his father, (Allen Sage Hardin, III “Bo”) and I are going to coach together!” Gipson was adamant. He wasn’t going to trade the “biggest kid in the league.” Legend has it that Hardin had a few choice words about the situation to his wife, Sheri. As an olive branch, at the first practice, Gipson asked Hardin to be his assistant coach. Click photo or headline and read more ...

Monday, 01 December 2014 10:20

For one of the first times in recent years of the celebrated 60-year history of the NYO Red Devils football program, the 6th Grade team ventured out to play in a national football tournament over Thanksgiving weekend. The Red Devils marched through the tournament unscathed, ultimately beating the top-ranked team from the state of Maryland, the St. Charles Bears, 29-7 in the championship game. Thus, the Red Devils finished the tournament undefeated and became the National Champions of the Turkey Day Classic, held at South Paulding High School in Douglasville, Ga.  (click photo to read more).


Monday, 01 December 2014 07:33

The 2nd Grade NYO Red Devils team posted a 2-0-1 record at the Miracle Bowl in Alpharetta over the Thanksgiving holidays completing the tournament with the best record for its age group. This picture is after a 31-0 victory over Alpharetta. The 2nd Grade Red Devils gave up only one touchdown in three games and outscored their opponents 61-6. 
From Left to Right: Kyle Coleman, Coleman Fleming, Grant Thompson, William Glahn, Chase Linton, Andrew Flint, Michael Buhay, Jamie Savula, Henry Deriso, Charles Sharp, John Brennen, Anthony Mokry, Jack Euart, Reid Zeising, Hampton Johnson, Jack Callaghan, Rocco Xerogeanes

Coaches (L to R): Reid Zeising, Preston Kimbrel, Chris Southerland, Kenny Coleman, Walt Deriso (not pictured).

Monday, 24 November 2014 23:30

2014 was the year for the Packers! The Pack won the regular season championship and at one point had an amazing 10 game winning streak. Meet the Packers in the

front Row: Edward Desloge, Daniel Lunsford, Clarke Spingler, Christopher Kollme, Zachary Russell, Pearce Dillon, Dylan Willard, Wright Formisano

Back Row: Coach Bryan Craig, Ian Hutcherson, Aidan Moore, Jamie Hare, Aidan Davies, Matt Love, Charlie Hoke, Lee Fenstermacher, Gabe Wright, Coach Bill Ward

Not pictured: Coach Rollins Luckey

Friday, 21 November 2014 07:27

The Midshipmen fought through a challenging schedule to win the SEC championship.  Injuries played a role in finally ending the Midshipmen's playoff run but not before the team posted an excellent 9 - 2 record.  The Midshipmen are lead by U.S. Naval Academy graduate Geoff Anderson coaching in his 15th season at NYO. 

First Row (L to R): Patrick Busby, Hamilton Peavy, Ross Wilson, Chandler Goldsmith, Vincent Bontempo, Luke Van Putten, William Cummings, Will Muir Second Row (L to R): Austin Elrod, Jacob Fleming, Will Rogers, Wyatt Lybrook, Henry Douglass, Spencer Baldock, Will Karem, Charles Lindsay Third Row Coach Rob Douglass, Coach Geoff Anderson, Coach Edward Dickey Not Pictured: Coach Lee Malchow

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 18:30

I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to get emotionally involved.  I’ve been down that road before with 8 yr. old football - another great championship run.  I wasn’t going to let it happen again.  The fact that I am actually having this discussion with myself is a bonus for my son and my family - championships are hard to come by, let alone winning one.  We watched it rain non-stop for 14 hours.  The temperature dropped like a lead zeppelin.  The threat of postponement loomed large. Finally the rain stopped only to watch the thermometer settle in at 38 degrees.   Click Picture to Read More.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 16:42

The Noles passed their way to the conference championship in the tough ACC.  Featuring an air attack not often seen at NYO the Seminoles finished a highly successful season with a 9 – 2 record. 

(From top to bottom & left to right) - Coaches: Kerry, Orrick, John O. Knox, Mark Lyons, Kevin Crow, Rick Thorpe
2rd row players: Jackson Padgett, Spencer Gosden, Charlie Hill, John O. Knox, jr., Trey Hiill, Maxwell Crow, Oakley Thorpe, Frank Lyles, Jake Hausman, Cole Long
1st row (which includes the little water boys): William Wickliffe, Charlie Smith, Alex Wickliffe, Grayson Abbott, Zach Blodgett, Henry White, Nate Lyons, Henry Smith, Drew Hill

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 14:40

The PeeWee Knights finished the regular season undefeated to clinch the Western Conference.  Overall, the Knights had a terrific 9-1 record.  In the photo are Coaches Palmer Scarritt, Clete McGinty, Ross Conway, John Conway. 

Back row (left to right) James Carper, Charlie Stovin, Patton Price, Colin McGinty, Wyatt Alford, Lawton Sodemann, William Zelnak

Front Row (left to right) Reid Zeising, James Lasco, Palmer Scarritt, Charlie Constanzo, Thomas Klappenbach, Barton Warren, Blake Fielden, Dylan Mathis

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 08:07

A focused Colts team overcame the talented Packers for the Bigs Championship. Players, coaches and parents celebrate the victory!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 07:53

In a hard hitting game the Golden Bears prevailed over the tough Spartans.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 07:50

In what many termed the best championship game on record the Bulldogs won in the closing seconds over an inspired Fighting Irish squad.

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 00:00

Hook em Horns!  The Longhorns are shown displaying their victory sign after a big win over the tough Broncos in the Mighty Might Tournament.  NYO's second flag football season ended on a great afternoon of games enjoyed by all!  Pictured from left to right: Lane Taylor, Strickland Bloomston, Evan Arena, Andrew Campbell, Head Coach, Bill Kilborn, Sam Hutto, Graham Beck, William Kilborn, Grant Taylor, Carson James, Assistant Coach, Mark Hutto, Quill Howell, Brendon Hermanson, (not pictured Will Shearer and assistant coach Rick Shearer).

Tuesday, 04 November 2014 17:48

During the Pink Out games last week, several members of the Lovett Lions came out and showed their support for the Pee-Wee Lions!  Thanks to the Lions and all the players who came out to NYO in support of breast cancer awareness!

Sunday, 02 November 2014 14:30

Click on the following link to watch a heart warming television news story concerning Anna Kate O’Kelley. The O’Kelley family’s loss was the genesis of NYO’s Pink Out. This story connects that loss with the O’Kelley family’s tradition of contributing excellent football players to the NYO program.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 15:40

The roaring cheers you heard in Buckhead last night were coming from the Pee Wee field.  The HIES Golden Bears and Pace Knights faced each other as the only two undefeated Pee Wee teams in one of this week’s PINK OUT games.  The game was focused on raising Breast Cancer Awareness and players celebrated by wearing pink arm bands, shoe laces, socks and shirts.  The stands were decorated with pink balloons and fans sporting pink.  HIES and Pace Varsity and junior varsity football players, cheerleaders and mascot attended cheering on their prospective teams.  The 7-8 years old players loved having their support.  The Knights pulled it out 13-7.  Both teams played hard, showed great sportsmanship and left with memories that will last a life time.  Click for Golden Bears photo.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 17:10

“I remember it like it was yesterday!”

Yes, we have all said it at sometime of our life and I am sure we all will say it many more times in the future. Well, I distinctly remember my oldest son on his first day of NYO Football tryouts when he was just 7 years old. It had already been a long day for our family and we were running late! (So late, that we were actually the last family to tryout that day.) Stress levels were high on the ride to the park knowing that we might miss tryouts altogether and that we had just left the oncologists office as my wife was in the midst of her battle with breast cancer. She was weak and nauseous, my son was tired and anxious, and I was doing everything to get him to the park in mental football fashion. My mental “fashion” would have to wait.

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