2012 NYO Titans –Talk about your TTW (The Titan Way)

2012 NYO Titans –Talk about your TTW   (The Titan Way)

Randy Rhino’s 12 year old NYO Titan team from the summer of 2012 started its first baseball meeting this way. Coach Rhino  “Boys I just want to tell you that the next six weeks will go by very fast and before you know it you will be graduating High School so enjoy the game and playing together as long as you can.” That summer the twelve Titans players and coaches produced a 30-6 record won 4 of the six tournaments entered including the national Ripken Event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Now in 2017, the 2012 Titans of James Basham, Charlie Bennett, Cameron Bloodworth, James Hicks, Coleman Flom, Charlie Shapiro, Evan Rottner, David Roos, Ethan Cornelius, Hugh Chapman, Ryan Miller and  Addison Shoup , have 8 players committed to play in College.

Georgia Tech (Ryan Miller & Hugh Chapman)

Wofford University (Ethan Cornelius & Cameron Bloodworth)

Mississippi State (James Basham)

Rollins (Evan Rottner)

Rhodes College (David Roos)

Lehigh (Addison Shoup – Football)

Once called by the Florida Young Guns Coach “you ain’t nothing but a little ole Rec team” things sure seemed to work out.

Congratulations to all the players enjoy your college years.

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