As we move into 2018, we wanted to provide you with some helpful information as the beginning of the new season approaches. Please read all of this memo as it contains info and answers for many of your questions about the program.

1. PLAYER EVALUATIONS. Evaluation of players ages 6-14 will take place over the weekend of January 27-28. A detailed schedule is available on the NYO web site under the link to the Baseball program and on the front page of the site. The schedule has also gone out by a master blast email. There are no player evaluations or tryouts for Small Ball participants (tryouts numbers starting with a 4) or the 5U kids in Shetland Blue (tryout numbers starting with a 5). See the detailed schedule for your exact time. Note that time are set up in increments of 15 or 20 minutes. You should plan on showing up at the beginning of your assigned times. Players are grouped by numbers running “from” the first listed number “to” the second listed number.

All locations are at fields at the main park except: 6’s are at the WT Jackson Main Campus Gym at 1325 Mount Paran Road and 9’s are at St. John’s UMC field at 550 Mount Paran Road.

If for some reason your child is not able to attend tryouts or has a conflict, please let us know by sending us an e-mail at baseball@nyosports.com; we do not re-schedule tryouts unless we have extremely inclement weather. If you cannot make your designated time, please come by later in the day and we will try and work you as quickly as possible – DO NOT come before your designated time as we will tryout players who are present for their appointed times.

We will supply you with your tryout number at the field, although your child does need to know their number. They should bring their glove and cleats (bat is optional), except for the indoor Shetland league tryouts at WT Jackson Gym – gym shoes only please. Please be sure to have your child monitor their equipment as we cannot be responsible for personal belongings. Only players league age 11 and older trying out for Bronco or Pony have the option to use big barrel bats for tryouts; all other players should use standard size bats.

For events at Chastain Park on Saturday, January 27, parking will be limited so please exit the park as your child’s evaluation finishes. Tryouts will be postponed only in the event of extreme weather conditions. If this occurs, check the web site often for details. If postponed, tryouts will be re-scheduled either the following day or at some point during the following week depending on the forecast.

Note: as there is an overlap between the evaluation schedule and the NYO Basketball season, it may be necessary for some players to jump ahead in line – we ask for your patience and understanding.

Note: if you are not sure of your child’s tryout number, please check the confirmation email you would have received immediately after signing up. If you cannot locate that


number, log back into the registration portion of our web site. Once logged in, click on the link “View Children” in the menu list on the left side of the main console. Then scroll down to the section marked “Children Registered for Sport(s)”. There you will each of your children’s names, the sport they are registered for and their tryout number. The first digit (or two digits for players 10 and up) will indicate your child’s league age (e.g. 4024 is a 4 year old Small Ball player, 8015 is an 8 year old player and 13035 is a Pony 13 year old player). If for any reason you think your child is not in the correct age group, contact us immediately at baseball@nyosports.com.

For those kids who we moved up or down a league upon parental request, be sure to use the new number you would have received by email confirming your child’s adjustment.

Note: For any players on our wait list, if we are not able to clear you prior to tryouts, you may certainly still attend but your participation will not have an effect on your clearing the wait list. We know parents need to manage expectations, so we understand if your child does not attend if they have not cleared the wait list. We will continue to monitor our numbers every day and clear players as soon as we have openings.

2. PARENTS MEETING FOR SHETLAND BLUE (5U) and SHETLAND RED (6U) LEAGUES:. The parents meeting to announce teams and meet your child’s coach will be held at the time indicated below. This is an informational meeting for parents only. At these meetings, you will be provided with critical information about the NYO baseball program, and you will meet your coaches, be provided with practice schedules, roster and other important information for the 2018 season.

Shetland Leagues (Red and Blue) (League ages 5 and 6): Mon, Feb 12 at 7:00 pm

This meeting will be held at St. John’s United Methodist Church at 550 Mount Paran Road.

Rookie, A, AA, International, Majors, Bronco and Pony leagues do not have parents meetings. Coaches in these leagues will call or emails players and their parents directly following drafts between February 1-9. There will be a separate parents’ meeting for Small Ball at 7:30 on January 17 in the Dowis Building.

3. CALENDAR. A full calendar with an overview of the 2018 season is located on our web site. Simply click on the Baseball icon on the top of the front page of the site, then go to the link under the General Info heading at the left of the Baseball page (we are also attaching a copy of the schedule with this update memo). This calendar will provide you with additional important dates throughout the season including the starting dates for practices, opening day and game schedules over spring breaks. The actual game schedules will be posted to the site in mid to late February. Individual team practice schedules during the pre-season and in season will be circulated through league directors and coaches.


NOTE: The private school break this year is one week later than usual (March 10-18). The public school break remains the same with both Easter weekend and Passover falling over the first weekend of the public school break (March 30-April 8). Most of our leagues will not have games scheduled during these breaks although it is likely that teams in Pony, Bronco and Majors may play a game or two in March prior to the private school break and some teams in all leagues may play on the second Sunday of either the private school break or the public school break when most of our families are back in town. All leagues will be underway after the private school break starting on Monday March 19. We’ll have our “official” opening day and opening day parade and ceremonies on Saturday, March 24. As always, in the event of really inclement weather during the early part of the season, we will reschedule games as needed during the breaks in order to get games in.

4. KICK OFF CLINICS. We will be blasting out info and details on our kickoff clinics conducted by Coach Jeff Woolverton and crew. The clinics are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday January 20-21 and will be broken down by age groups. Be sure to sign up quickly as the clinics will sell out. Cost will be $50 for players league age 7-12 and $40 for players league age 5-6. If you need more info in the clinics, please reach out direct to Coach Woolverton at jwoolverton@bellsouth.net.

5. ADDITIONAL ASSESSMENT FOR BRONCO LEAGUE. Please note that for those players selected to play in our Bronco league (ages 11 and 12), there is a mandatory additional registration fee of $25 per player to cover the additional costs of field maintenance, uniforms, umpires and other related costs for this league. You will be asked to make this payment upon notification that your child has been selected for one of these leagues.

6. UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION. Please be certain to continually update your address, phone number and, most importantly, your e-mail address on the parent information section of the registration page on the web site. We always use e-mail as our primary means of communication so please be sure to keep us up to date with any changes.

7. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR PARENTS OF 10, 11 AND 12 YEAR OLD PLAYERS. We are sending out e-mails to parents of 10, 11 and 12 year old payers attaching a memo regarding some important information about our International, Majors and Bronco program. Be sure to review that information if you have questions about these leagues.

8. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR PARENTS OF 13 and 14 YEAR OLD PLAYERS. We are sending out additional e-mails to parents of 13 and 14 year old payers attaching a memo regarding some important information about our Pony American and Pony National leagues.

9. REQUESTS TO PLAY UP OR DOWN A LEAGUE. We have completed our updates and adjustments for those of you who requested to play up or down a league (you would have received an email confirmation with your new number if


we moved your child). If you think you have been placed in the wrong league or that we have not fulfilled your request, please let us know although at this point it will be very difficult to move anyone as leagues are full.

10. COMMUNITY COACH RECRUITMENT. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have a big number of younger non-parent community coaches get involved in our program as either head or assistant coaches (for the most part in the upper kid pitch leagues). We typically will have anywhere around 75-100 of these coaches in our program in some capacity. Most of these coaches played ball growing up and played during high school, college and, in some cases, professionally (with a good number being NYO alumni). Having these volunteers in our program is a huge asset for the program as we get the expertise of these younger coaches, as well as their enthusiasm and ability to serve as role models for the kids. We make the experience for these volunteers as easy as we can and the NYO community offers phenomenal support and connections for these young folks looking to get involved in the community. Typically, we get referrals or inquiries through parents in the program who may work with or be related to someone who wants to coach and get involved, but we also get input from many other sources. If you know someone who you think is interested, please email us or have the potential coach email us at baseball@nyosports.com and we can take it from there. We have lots of opportunities available.

11. VOLUNTEER HELP. We are always looking for great volunteers. Please step up if asked and help out as an assistant coach, team parent or scorekeeper, or always feel free to pitch in at the fields if rain hits us or the fields need to be worked on. We are also looking for some folks who can help us out with the technical side – web site updates, updates to our scores and standings, etc. If anyone has coding experience, we would really love to talk to you as well to help out on some special projects. Just email us at baseball@nyosports.com and we’ll put you to work! Thanks in advance to everyone who has already and will be stepping up to assist in any capacity this spring.