3 Teams Vie for Top Spot in Majors as Play-Offs Loom

As the regular season draws to a close in the majors league, 3 teams are still in contention for the top spot and the number-one seed in the post-season tournament, as October madness awaits.

In first place sits the Blue Devils, highest scoring team in the league, coached by NYO legend Suzanne Baker.  The Blue Devils have had 2 very close games this year, including one where they were down by 5 points with under 2 minutes remaining.

Chasing the Blue Devils are the Tarheels, (of course), coached by Brian Early and Hayden Johnson. The defense-first Tarheels are sporting a 6 – 1 record, having only lost a 2-point game to the Cavaliers.  The Tarheels still must face the Blue Devils, in what should be an epic match-up. Pictured are Tarheel players Monroe and Early, playing that tough Tarheel defense.

The Yellow Jackets, coached by Bill Braswell, are also lurking near the top spot, at 6 – 2, with the Blue Devils still to play.

It has been a great season for all 9 majors teams, as the combination of great coaches; spirited, talented, hard-working girls; and the magic of NYO and Commissioner Mara Perkins has made for a potent combination.