7U Toros Win the West Georgia Classic in Douglasville, GA

The 7U Toros Win the West Georgia Classic in Douglasville, GA.  The 7U Toros battled their way out of Atlanta through endless construction on I-20 to make it to Douglasville GA.

Once they arrived the First game was against the Acworth Warriors A Team.  The Toros got off to a slow start and fell behind in the first two innings but with Strong defense and an offensive onslaught that opened the game up.  The Toros won their first round pool play game against the Warriors.  Graham Durham had a 4 hit game with a HR, 2b and two singles to lead the team with 4 RBI.  Weston Page with a 4 hit night contributing 3 RBI, Jaryd Grossman, and Hayes Reams added 3 RBI’s Each.

The 2nd pool play game the Toros faced a tough opponent in the Sandy Plains Cougars A Team.  The game was a hard fought game and very close until the toros posted 5 runs in the 2nd and 7 runs in the 4th to seal the win against the Cougars.  Major offensive contributions came from the bat of William Rutkowski who had a triple and two singles which lead to a 4 RBI evening.  Pete Hayes contributed 4 RBIs. Drake Bush had a Key triple at a pivotal point in the game to finish off the Sandy plains Cougars, he added three RBI’s as well.

The Toros received the 3rd overall seed in the Gold bracket for the Sunday tournament play.  The First Opponent in tournament play was the Winston Nationals A Team.  The Winston nationals were leading the Toros after 4 innings but the Toros would not give up.  They kept fighting until the game was pushed into extra innings.  With strong defensive plays by Drake Bush at Third and a key outfield catch by Pete Hayes which lead to a crucial tag at home plate by Moses Mauntel the Toros were able to pull out the extra inning victory.  Moses Mauntel had a HR, Owen Reed had a triple and a double.  Drake Bush,William Rutkowski and Graham Durham all added key doubles to push the Toros passed the Winston nationals.  Emmett Gragnani added 4 RBI’s to the solid hitting performance of the Toros.

In the Finals of the tournament the Toros faced a tough Powder Springs Blue Rocks A all star team.  The Toros did not come all the way to Douglasville through the traffic to lose in the finals and came out fired up and posted 7 runs in the first inning.  Lockdown defense was played by the Toros allowing few runs to the Powder Springs team.  Big offensive contributions came from Pete Hayes with 4 RBI, Moses Mauntel, Graham Durham, and Owen Reed all had triples in the Championship game win.  Emmett Gragnani had Two doubles, along with Weston page. Chase Kothari, Hayes Reams, Pete Hayes and Jaryd Grossman all added doubles in the championship game.

The Toros win the West Georgia Classic and stay undefeated for the weekend winning the gold bracket.

Team members: Pete Hayes, Hayes Reams, Emmett Gragnani, Graham Durham, Weston page, Owen Reed, Moses Mauntel, Drake Bush, William Swanson, Chase Kothari, William Rutkowski, Jaryd Grossman

Head Coach: Nathan Durham
Asst Coaches: Tyler Reams, Henley Hayes, Shawn Reed, Todd Page