Football Equipment

Equipment to be provided by Parents

The use of properly fitted and high quality equipment is important to player safety.  Parents are to provide the following pieces of equipment:

  • Helmets – Only high quality, properly fitted helmets should be worn.
  • Mouth piece – Mouth pieces are important in preventing concussions.  Verify that they remain in good condition throughout the season!
  • Molded rubber cleats
  • Shoulder pads
  • Practice jersey
  • White Football pants with leg & hip pads
  • Athletic supporter
  • Socks
  • Optional items:  Arm and hand pads, eye shield (if worn these must be clear).  Certain schools use supplemental helmet devices that provide an outer soft shell around the exterior of the helmet.  Two of the more popular manufacturers are Guardian and Protech.  Beginning with the 2018 season these items may be worn during practices AND games.

Might Might Flag player Eqipment – Equipment needed for flag players includes only molded rubber cleats and mouth pieces

Equipment Day

On August 3rd and 4th Dicks Sporting Goods will provide 20% of purchases made by NYO families when using a coupon distributed by email by NYO.  Also on August 3, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM NYO Families will have the opportunity to purchase and properly fit quality equipment in the NYO gym.  If you own football equipment and are not sure whether it fits properly bring it and your child to NYO’s gym on August 3rd and have it evaluated.

Check the fit before they hit!

Properly fitted equipment is important to player safety.  Click Here to Learn More

Equipment provided by NYO or Team

NYO provides game jerseys; all other equipment is provided by the player. Most teams have their players wear these jerseys at practices as well as the games. Coaches should distribute a jersey to each player at the beginning of the season and never rotate jerseys during the season. Due to the similarity in jersey colors between teams the league may provide for certain games generic jerseys to provide more color contrast. NYO will issue to each team two balls and a kicking tee.

Uniform limitations – In recent seasons there was a growing amount of peripheral items purchased by many teams & coaches such as practice jerseys, matching pants, alternative game jerseys, t-shirts, etc. The NYO board decided to limit this practice in all sports regardless of whether the items are paid for by coaches or parents. Therefore, each team is allowed, but not required, to supplement the NYO supplied jersey with only the three items noted below. (The purchase of pants or practice jerseys by the team is not permitted). No additional uniform related items will be permitted:

1. Helmet painting & decals

2. Socks – Matching socks

3. Scrimmage vests / jerseys – generic, sleeveless pullovers to be worn over jerseys for distinguishing offensive and defensive teams during practices and scrimmages OR generic unmarked mesh jerseys with a cost not to exceed $10.

4. Colored pants – Teams are allowed to purchase inexpensive colored pants.

Helmet decor

Helmets may be decorated with paint and/or decals. Options for painting helmets include: Maaco, and Andy Anglin at 404-957-8964. Maaco has several locations: Buford Hwy near Pleasantdale I-85 exit, and one inside 285 on Buford Hwy and near Atlanta RD. Maaco usually charges $20 per helmet with a minimum of 12 – 15 helmets. Andy Anglin also has done helmets for NYO as well. He will pick up and deliver but charges about $35 per helmet. His contact information is 404-957-8964. Team mothers will hopefully assist with this process. A couple suppliers for providing helmet decals are Decals4Pros at 888-776-3322 and and A source for helmet decals is Bryan Wikse, 410-997-2658 ext. 103,,


Two rubber balls and a kicking tee are provided to each head coach at the beginning of the season. Most coaches find it is helpful to get a couple more balls for use during the season. In terms of the size of the balls used during NYO games, the PeeWee division uses a “PeeWee” size ball. The Littles and Bigs divisions use a “Junior” sized ball. During games it is permissible for teams to alternate either rubber or leather balls while they are on offense provided they are the correct size.