Heat Illness and Hydration

Hydration is important

Heat Related Illnesses & Hydration In addition to the article prepared by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the information from USA Football, here are some beneficial reminders:


USA Football

Download this free smart phone app designed by USA Football which emphasizes Heads UP techniques and various player safety reminders including hydration tips, concussion symptoms, etc.

Identify High Risk Players

Large players are typically more at risk for heat related conditions.

Buddy System

You may want to pair your players up in a buddy system in which players help watch their buddies for heat or other problem.

Parents Role

Important actions by parents should include: being familiar with this information about heat illnesses, having their child become acclimated to the heat prior to the season with a responsible amount of outdoor exercise, be sure hydration begins the day before athletic functions and provide sufficient fluids for consumption during the athletic event. Players should not be using energy or other caffeinated drinks.

Bring Water & Ice

Players should bring their own fluids but early in the season when they are needed the most some kids forget so bring some extra water. Consider dark towels (that won’t show blood) on ice which can be used to cool players.

SCHEDULE Frequent Breaks / Hydration Reminders:

Fluids: water or sports drinks NOT energy drinks or other caffeinated beverages

2 to 3 hours before event drink 17-20 ounces

30 minutes before event drink another 7-10 oz.

88 lb. player needs 5 oz. each 20 minutes during practice

132 lb. player needs 9 oz. each 20 minutes during practice

Sports drinks are needed for athletic functions over one hour.

More Information from USA Football at: https://assets.usafootball.com/guides/parent/