The Nicholas Napolitano Award is given in honor of the memory of Nicholas Napolitano.  Nicholas Napolitano, like many of our children, spent his formative years playing sports at NYO which helped mold his character.  “Hoover”, as Nicholas was aptly nicknamed, was a high energy spark plug on every team he played for and a vacuum cleaner in the field.  Most importantly, Nicholas was a great teammate and volunteer for the then Challenger League (now Christopher League).  Nicholas was an NYO All-Star in every sense of the word.  Nicholas embodied the true nature of caring, giving and sacrifice and made the ultimate sacrifice to save the life of a close friend.  To learn more, all are encouraged to visit the Nicholas Napolitano Memorial Fund website.  http://nicholasvalnapolitanomemorialfund.org/


We honor Nicholas’ life by giving an award to one of our volunteers who has dedicated years of service to the Christopher League program.  It is with great pride that we bestow the 2019 Nicholas Napolitano Award to Jack Hancotte.  Jack has been a fixture at the Christopher for many years, both Spring and Fall.  Jack was initially inspired to volunteer with the program by his aunt, Ruby Freeman, our 2013 Nicholas Napolitano honoree (Davidson grad, now working at Sloan Kettering in NYC and studying for her MCATs).  We have seen Jack grow from a shy young teenager to a confident leader and great friend to our players and the league.  Jack has become a leader by example to the other volunteers and is now the inspiration in his family encouraging his younger brother to join the program.   We wish Jack success next year as he takes his talents and great character to the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Jack joins past Nicholas Napolitano Award winners Lee Miller (2012), Ruby Freeman (2013), Chad Davis and Sam Moss (2014), Matthew Gaudiosi (2015), Oglethorpe Baseball Team (2016) and Sarah Faith Davis and Grace Lawton Davis (2017) and Hollis Gottlieb (2018).  Jack’s name will  be placed alongside the past winners on the permanent plaque of honor hanging in the Dowis Building.  A well-deserved congratulations and thank you to Jack for all of his efforts with the Christopher League.