NYO Football Player Safety Information

Concerns about Player Safety, particularly concussions, are high at all levels of football. The possibility that a child could receive a serious injury warrants the highest attention to this issue. NYO is focused on this subject and has for many years had a comprehensive player safety program.  It is encouraging that great strides have been made with regard to concussions by means of:  more advanced coaching techniques such as those now taught within the Heads Up program implemented at NYO, better quality and more well fitted football equipment, limitations on full contact activities during practices, the elimination of dangerous drills and more well educated coaches & officials who can more effectively recognize and react to potential concussions than in the past.

Parents play an essential role in player safety.  Parents are urged to attend the annual Parent Meeting which is scheduled for August 17, 2019 at 2:00 in the NYO Gym.  Dr. David Marshall, Director of Sports Medicine at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will speak as well as several individuals associated with NYO Football.

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Heat illness & Hydration 

Understanding and reacting to Concussions and other head injuries

Helmet Selection, Mouth Pieces and Helmet Fitting 

Coaching Proper Fundamentals – As a safety measure NYO teaches “Heads Up” fundamentals developed by USA Football. Proper techniques reduce the risk of concussions and other injuries

Lightning and Severe Weather

Emergency situations

Coaches and parents should keep a cell phone with them while at the Park with the USA Football app installed. In the event a player is knocked unconscious or there is any concern about whether a neck or spinal may have occurred, call 911 immediately and do not move the player. While there are often physicians at the Park that can assist don’t waste time attempting to locate them; call 911 first.   Emergency services will arrive at the entrance to NYO close to the gym so assign a specific person to be there to direct the EMT unit to the player’s location. If a player on your team is injured to the extent he will miss one or more games please notify your League Director.

USA Football

NYO is a member of USA Football which is leading advocate for player safety and education concerning youth football.  Excellent safety information is available through USA Football:   http://usafootball.com/

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