NYO Football Tryout Rescheduled to August 8

Tryout activities originally scheduled for Tuesday have been rescheduled for Wednesday, August 8th.


Which Day should my son Attend?

3rd Graders – August 8th

5th Graders – August 8th

Bigs – 7th Graders – August 8th


What time will my son tryout? To reduce congestion and wait times staggered arrival times have been established.  Please be prompt but not early in having your child arrive on the following schedule:

Day 1 – August 6th  

Arrival                         2nd Grade                     4th Grade                      6th Grade

TIME                           Tryout #’s                    Tryout #’s                    Tryout #’s

5:00                             7001 – 7025                8036 – 9035                11001 -11045

5:30                             7026 – 7055                9036 – 9070                11046 – 11090

6:00                             7056 & above              9071 – 10010               11091 – 12018

6:30                                                                 10011 & above             2019 & above

Day 2 – August 8th  

Arrival                         3rd Grade                      5th Grade                      7th Grade

TIME                           Tryout #’s                    Tryout #’s                    Tryout #’s

5:00                             8001 – 8030                10001 – 10055                        12001 & above

5:30                             8031 – 8060                10056 – 10090

6:00                             8061 & above              10091 – 11045

6:30                                                                 11046 & above

  • If your child’s tryout # does not correspond to one of these groups please bring him to the one closest to his number.

What to Wear? Full football equipment is required.  Mouth pieces are mandatory.  Players should arrive wearing football pants with pads, t-shirt and cleats; their helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, and jersey should be with them and ready to put on after they are weighed and timed.   Please have you son try on all equipment prior to tryouts.  Click Here Information about Equipment.

Tryout #’s: Please have your child’s tryout number duct taped (or otherwise attached) to the front of your child’s t-shirt AND to the front and back of his football jersey or helmet. Click to find tryout #:   LOCATE TRYOUT #’S

What happens during tryouts? Players rotate through three stations during tryouts.

  • Weigh in – The first stop is a weigh in at which players’ weights are recorded
  • 40 yard dash – Players are electronically timed running a distance of 40 yards by TITUS SPORTS ACADEMY which has donated electronic timing equipment and professional staff.
  • Agility / contact drills – During this final station, players participate in short agility and contact drills

All players need to arrive with complete football gear including mouth pieces and proceed to their league’s weigh in station.  Players may remove their shoes and football pants during weigh-ins; they should wear gym shorts under their football pants.  Otherwise, adjustments will be made to account for the extra weight associated with padded football pants.  Optionally, if your son is close to a weight cut-off, please have him come in shorts and he can then change into the football pants once weighed. NYO be will be flexible in allowing players to shed equipment during weigh-ins, but will continue to strictly adhere to the weight parameters for NYO Football, which are important in preventing injury.

 Hydration & Heat Conditioning! Hydration & conditioning to heat are very important to player safety.  Parents must insist that players consume sufficient water & sports drinks beginning the day before outdoor activities.  Avoid energy drinks, soft drinks and other caffeinated beverages.  Your son should bring water or sports drink to Tryouts.  In advance please have your son engage in reasonable outdoor exercise.  Read more about hydration at:  PROPER HYDRATION

Where to check in?

  • 2nd & 3rd Grade Players should report to the pavilion over-looking the Field of Dreams. Tryout activities will occur on the outfield of the Field of Dreams.
  • 4th & 5th Grade Players should report to the pavilion between the concession stand and the Dowis Building. Tryout activities will occur on the outfield of Wilkins Field.
  • 6th & 7th Grade Players should report to the Pavilion behind home plate of Garr Field. This pavilion is between Garr Field and Wieuca Road.  Tryout activities will occur on the outfield of the Garr Field

A plan reflecting the location of these fields is available at:  View Field Locations

Weight Limit Rules – NYO has rules concerning player weights. We encourage you to be familiar with these and all rules which are available on NYO’s website at: RULES

A summary of weight limits follows below:


League Offensive Back (lbs) Receiver (lbs) Interior Lineman (lbs) League Maximum (lbs)
2nd Grade 65 85 85 100
3rd Grade 75 95 95 110
4th Grade 85 105 105 120
5th Grade 95 115 115 130

Bigs – age 11

Bigs – age 12

Bigs – age 13 (*)



135 135 None


(*) – age as of September 1st

Weather Cancellation – In the event that lightning causes either day of Tryouts to be cancelled, the make-up date will be Wednesday, August 8th at 5:00.

Where should parents NOT stand?  Parents please resist the temptation to follow your son on to the field during tryouts.  Please remain outside of the fences.  Coaches and players ONLY are allowed on the tryout fields. Signs will be posted to remain off the tryout fields. Coaches are better able to concentrate and evaluate the players, and players are better able to hear instructions when parents are behind the fences. With the large number of players, it is very important that the coaches and players are able to hear the players’ numbers so that we can move everyone through the tryout process as quickly as possible.  Please be patient with our volunteers and help us by staying in the viewing areas.

On Which team will my Son play?  Players are placed on various team by means of a draft that occurs a week following tryouts.  You can expect a call or email from your son’s coach by August 13th or 14th following the completion of all drafts.

Be Ready to Practice – The draft for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades will occur on August 12th.  The Bigs draft for 6th and 7th Graders follows on August 13.  Expect a call & / or email from your son’s new coach on the day after these drafts.  Most teams will have practice the following day.