NYO Girls Basketball Evaluations

We are excited for the Girls 2019 basketball season at NYO and we are looking forward to seeing your athletes back in the gym! Below are the Girls’ Basketball Evaluation times for Sunday, August 18th for those in 4th through 10th grades participating in the Rookie, Majors and WNBA leagues.

Those participating in the Developmental league, join us in the Chastain Gym Saturday morning August 24th at 8:30 – 9:30 am for your first event! Developmental League players do not participate in Evaluations on the 18th.

This year’s evaluations are similar to last year’s format consisting of small groups going through comprehensive skill stations followed by a scrimmage. It is important to arrive as close to your assigned time as possible to have your athlete grouped with their league players. Please allow around 30 minutes to complete the evaluation.

Again, NYO is partnering with Titus Sports for the warm-up/ physical evaluation portion of the tryouts and the tryouts will be filmed to assist NYO coaches in creating balanced teams.


DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE starts Saturday, August 24th at 8:30am in the NYO Gym.

Evaluation Number:  Evaluation Time Slot Check-in:


400 – 424                   3:45pm at NYO GYM

425 – 449                   4:00pm at NYO GYM

500 – 524                   4:15pm at NYO GYM

525 – 549                   4:30pm at NYO GYM


600 – 624                    1:30pm at NYO GYM

625 – 649                    1:45pm at NYO GYM

700 – 724                   2:00pm at NYO GYM

725 – 749                   2:15pm at NYO GYM


800 – 824                   2:30pm at NYO GYM

825 – 849                   2:45pm at NYO GYM

900 – 924                   3:00pm at NYO GYM

925 – 949                   3:15pm at NYO GYM

1000 – 1025               3:30pm at NYO GYM

Please notify us at info@nyosports.com if you are unable to get your student athlete to their assigned slot.  It is important that all players attend the Evaluation session.

We are always in need of volunteers! If you are able to help anytime between 1:00 and 4:30 on Sunday, August 18th, OR if you would like to be a team parent or get involved with in season activities, please email girlsbasketball@nyosports.com

See you in the gym!