NYO Girls Basketball – Important Tryout Information

NYO Girls Basketball – Important Tryout Information

We are excited for the coming basketball season at NYO and seeing your athletes back in the gym!  Below are the Age level Evaluation times for Sunday, August 20th.

The first number of your registration number is your league age (i.e., if your registration number is 10026, you are league age 10).

Age                                                                 Check-in Time

League age 11 (TO#11001-11025)                  1:00pm             (Majors)

League age 11 (TO#11026-11049)                  1:15pm             (Majors)

League age 12 (TO#12001-12025)                  1:40pm             (Majors/WNBA)

League age 12 (TO#12026-12049)                  1:55pm             (Majors/WNBA)

League age 13 (TO#13001-13025)                  2:20pm             (WNBA)

League age 13 (TO#13026-13049)                  2:35pm             (WNBA)

League age 14 (TO#14001-14025)                  2:45pm             (WNBA)

League age 14 (TO#14026-14049)                  3:00pm             (WNBA)

League age 15 (TO#15001-15025)                  3:15pm             (WNBA)

League age 9   (TO#9001-9025)                       4:00pm             (Rookie)

League age 10 (TO#10001-10025)                   4:20pm             (Rookie)

League age 10 (TO#10026-10049)                   4:35pm             (Rookie)

Your league is your age as of 12/31/2017.  If you feel this is incorrect, please contact us at basketball@nyosports.com.

All try-outs are in the Chastain gym, at NYO.

Make-up Tryouts will be held Monday night August 21st in two age groups: 9-12 year olds 6:30pm and 12-15 year olds at 7pm  please email basketball@nyosports.com if you plan to attend this session

This year’s evaluations are similar to last year’s consisting of comprehensive group skill stations followed by a short scrimmage.  It is important to arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible to have your athlete paired with their league age players.  Please allow around 40 minutes to complete the evaluation.   Again, NYO is partnering with Titus Sports for the warm-up/ physical evaluation portion of the tryouts and the tryouts will be filmed to assist NYO coaches in creating balanced teams.

With the effort to enhance the experience for all players and strengthen overall team balance, we are in need of volunteers!  If you are able to help anytime between 12:45 and 4:30 on August 20th or Monday night between 6:30-7:45pm, OR if you would like to be a team parent or get involved with in season activities, please email Sloane Alford at sloanealford@me.com

Note: The first Developmental League practice will take place on Wednesday, August 23rd at 5:15 in the NYO Gym.