NYO Spring/Summer Update & Fall Registration

NYO Community, WE MISS YOU!

It’s safe to say that we will never forget the 2019-20 NYO sports seasons. We kicked off the year with the 70th anniversary celebration on Blackwell field in October. It was a chance to remember all the great things that this organization has accomplished, all the people that have come through the program, all the lives that have been impacted and an opportunity to say thank you to all of those that have dedicated their life to building NYO. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those individuals once again who paved the way to provide us with the NYO we know today. 
Fast forward to March 2020. We are gearing up for another fantastic spring season, we have hundreds of volunteers working day and night, opening day is going to be one of the best yet, and then everything comes to a halt. The season is put on hold until we can play again. However, the planning was done. Fields were converted & prepped, uniforms were ordered, Dowis was stocked full of baseballs, softballs, equipment, field lights had been repaired, plumbing/irrigation work had been done… the list is long. As a local youth park, most of the expenses for any season take place on the front end and then our volunteers put in hours to make the NYO experience one that we love so much. 
We are all in unprecedented times. There was no way for any of us to be prepared for this situation. NYO is a volunteer organization that maintains and operates all the facilities in Chastain Park as well as a long list of offsite school and church facilities. The registration fees only cover 70% of the operational budget and the rest comes from donations to the program. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and generous donors over the years that have helped NYO provide a product that we are all so proud of. 
Yesterday, we had to “close the curtain” on the spring baseball and softball recreational seasons. A first for NYO and a decision we did not take lightly. However, with so much uncertainty around the re-open plan and when we would receive clearance to play games again, we had to make the difficult decision to move on. We would like to thank all of those families that reached out with words of encouragement & support! 
With all that said, NYO will be back! We are hopeful for some sandlot baseball & softball programs later this summer and we are already gearing up for fall sports. Fall sports registration will open on June 15. We will be sharing more specifics soon but here are some high level details on the registration process as you begin planning for the fall season. The city’s re-open plan includes phases for non-contact and contact sports. Taking those guidelines into account, we have made some slight modifications to the fall registration process. 
Non-Contact Sports:
+ Fall baseball and fall softball registration will open without any changes
Contact Sports:
+ Flag and tackle football will open up on June 15th but payment will not be required until July 15th
+ Cheer (as part of football) will open up on June 15th but payment will not be required until July 15th
+ Girls basketball will open up on June 15th but payment will not be required until July 15th
* This process will allow us to collect interest for fall contact sports while we continue to work through the re-open plan with the City of Atlanta. 
We will continue to update our program families as we receive more direction from the City of Atlanta. Thank you for your patience and support!

Thank you!

NYO Mission Statement:
NYO is a premier athletic program where young people learn life and athletic skills through team sports that emphasize character building, sportsmanship, healthy competition, and positive coaching as part of a family friendly and safe community.