1. How do I find my child’s tryout number?

Please check the confirmation email you would have received immediately after signing up. If you cannot locate that email, log back into the registration portion of our web site. Once logged in, click on the link “View Children” in the menu list on the left side of the main console. Then scroll down to the section marked “Children Registered for Sport(s)”. There you will each of your children’s names, the sport they are registered for and their tryout number. The first digit (or two digits for players 10 and up) will indicate your child’s league age (e.g. 4024 is a 4 year old Small Ball player, 8015 is an 8 year old player and 13035 is a Pony 13 year old player). If for any reason you think your child is not in the correct age group, contact us immediately at baseball@nyospots.com. For those kids who we moved up or down a league upon parental request, be sure to use the new number you would have received by email confirming your child’s adjustment.

2. When and where is my child’s tryout taking place?

Evaluation of players ages 6-14 will take place over the weekend of January 27-28. A detailed schedule will be available on the NYO website under the link to the Baseball program and on the front page of the site. The schedule will also be sent out in a master blast. There are no player evaluations or tryouts for Small Ball participants (tryouts numbers starting with a 4) or the 5U kids in Shetland Blue (tryout numbers starting with a 5). Be sure to check the detailed schedule for your exact time. Note that times for 10U players trying out for Majors and 11U players trying out for Bronco (per emails sent by parents in early January) will be sent out directly to parents.

3. What happens if we will be out of town or not available at all on the day of our tryout?

Let us know by sending us an e-mail at baseball@nyosports.com; we do not re- schedule tryouts unless we have extremely inclement weather. So long as your child is registered, they will be drafted on to a team and we will have to rely on prior year tryout and coach evaluations.

4. What happens if I am in town but have a direct conflict with our assigned time?

If you cannot make your designated time, please come by later in the day, check in with the volunteers and we will try and work you in as quickly as possible – DO NOT come before your designated time as we will tryout players who are present for their appointed times and do not want to get behind schedule. We can usually catch up a bit later in the day. For those with a conflict that will run through the end of our scheduled time for your age group, come before your conflict but expect you may have a longer delay. Either way, expect some delays and please be patient as our goal is to get the kids present during their assigned time to tryout on time. You will NOT just be placed at the front of the line, so give yourself some leeway. All that said, PLEASE come at your assigned time unless you have a critical direct conflict such as previously scheduled basketball game or wrestling tournament. Note: Since Pony kids try out in groups, you need to email us direct at baseball@nysports.com for an alternative time.

5. Why is it that my child was on time but others jumped ahead of him?

We’re going to do our best to keep all the kids trying out in their designated times. However, due to some conflicts for other NYO sports and other legitimate reasons, we have some kids who inevitably must come outside of their tryout time. Please be nice to our volunteers! You would be shocked to hear some of our war stories.

6. Do I need to pin something to my child with his tryout number?

No. We will supply you with your tryout number at the field, although your child does need to know their number.

7. What else do I need to bring to tryouts?

Players should bring their glove and cleats (bat is optional), except for the indoor Shetland Red league tryouts at WT Jackson Main Campus Gym – gym shoes only please. Please be sure to have your child monitor their equipment as we cannot be responsible for personal belongings. Only players league age 11 and older trying out for Bronco or Pony are allowed to use big barrel bats for tryouts.

8. How will parking be?

For events at Chastain Park on Saturday, January 27, parking will be tight. It’s going to be a beautiful day (we hope), so get a little extra walk in if needed and enjoy the day. Cars will be coming in and out all day, so the lot will turnover regularly. We know there is nothing more fun than hanging out at the park on a sunny day, but for Saturday only, please try to exit the park as your child’s evaluation finishes.

9. Will tryouts ever be canceled due to bad weather?

Tryouts will be postponed only in the event of extreme weather conditions. If this occurs, check the web site often for details. If postponed, tryouts will be re-scheduled either the following day or at some point during the following week depending on the forecast.

And finally…

10. My child has been playing with NYO for years. Everyone knows him. Why do you guys even have tryouts if everyone makes a team? Plus you already have their coach evaluations from the prior spring.

Many reasons: (i) while coaches are usually very familiar with kids they have coached, they are less familiar with the other kids; (ii) kids change over the year, and it’s helpful to see how they have developed in the off season; (iii) you can often see things in a few minutes of a tryout just focusing on that one player that you might not see all season; (iv) in the older age groups, most of our coaches are non-parents who have never seen your child, and in some of these age groups, players will be selected to different leagues; (v) while we have lots of info from coach evaluations and prior tryout evaluations, there’s nothing like seeing a player one more time to pick up something that others may not be as focused on; and finally (vi) it’s a great opportunity for the coaches to hang out together, get to know each other and build some camaraderie going into the season; plus it’s a free pass out of the house for the day!