Partners & Sponsors

Partner with Northside Youth Organization!

Whether through the Seasonal Sponsorship or Community Partnership Program, NYO is classified as a non-profit organization (501c3) and touches 6,000 registered participants annually. It is considered one of the oldest parks with the largest participation in the south ages 4 – 14 boys and girls. Make a difference in your community. We will work with you to tailor a package to meet your specific needs while supporting the NYO community.

NYO Team Sponsor

Sponsorship opportunities are available SEASONALLY for NYO families and community businesses and members. A sponsor donation goes toward seasonal expenses such as field conversions and offsetting the cost of uniforms and the hiring of umpires for example. The Seasonal Sponsorship also support the NYO Scholarship fund and the Christopher league. At NYO we strive to register anyone who wants to play and NYO sport and your sponsorship allows us to include all players.

All Sponsors are recognized in the online directory. With recognition either seasonally or all year depending on the level of support:

  • NYO Fan $100 In Season Recognition
  • NYO MVP $250 In Season Recognition
  • NYO All Star $500 In Season Recognition
  • NYO All American $1,000 Recognition in ALL seasonal directories
  • NYO Hall of Fame $2,500 Recognition in ALL seasonal directories

NYO Community Partners Program

A true Partnership between NYO and our local business owners. Many opportunities exist to promote your business while helping NYO meet our park’s needs. Community Partnership dollars support capital improvements, upkeep of facilities, maintenance of partnership fields and gymnasiums as well as supporting our scholarship and Christopher league programs. The Partnership dollars allows NYO to budget and plan for expensive. This is a full year commitment and contracts run year to year.

All Partners receive a field banner on their field of choice (based on availability) multiple banners and billboard opportunities exist.

Benefits include:

  • Year round exposure on your filed(s) of choice
  • Full year listing in online directory
  • Partners with 1 or more signs or a sign on the Monster Board are allotted a 1 time distribution of marketing materials to all families. This is a great way to reach families with special NYO discounts, coupons or simply promote your business.
  • Scrolling website ad for partners at Silver level or higher
  • Community Partner Packages:
  • All outfield signs are $1,000/year on the field of your choice. Each additional sign is $1,000/year. Add on website ad is $500/year. (based on availability)
  • NEW…Advertise on the back of the Monster Board for $2,500.
  • Website only advertising is available for$ $1000/year
  • Gymnasium only signs are available for $750/year
  • Billboard signs are available and will be priced according to field choice and park location